In February of 2009, my husband and I bought our first home located on a few acres in Johnson, Vermont. We live here with our dog, Ollie, two cats: Elvis and Atticus, six Nigerian Dwarf goats: May, Chutney, Poppy, Juniper, Willow, and Jokers Wild, and about fifteen laying hens. And to top it all off we welcomed our daughter, Isabel, into the world on January 11th, 2011.

We're slowly updating our 1850's farmhouse while steadily working towards a healthy, meaningful, self-sufficient life together.

This blog details our endeavors along with our successes and failures- all in good fun. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!


May and I enjoying some sunshine


January Thaw

Lovingly Posted by Melissa Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey folks.  Kyle is up shoveling our roof so I thought it would be a good time to hop onto the blog and say 'Hi'. 

This weekend has been a lovely taste of the coming Spring.  I am so ready.  This morning we went out to the barn and I didn't even have to put on a jacket, it is well into the 40s I think.  After feeding the girls we walked around our land for a few minutes, planning where we'd be putting our pigs, and where we want to put the grape vines that have been taking up prime seats next to our picture window this Winter.  I can't wait to get started.

We've decided we're going to get four piglets as soon as we can build them a shelter and get an electric fence set up.  Hopefully in a couple months.

We started back up work on our guest bedroom yesterday.  Kyle has been working on the trim around the windows and I've been patching up old nail holes and other irregularities in the built-in that Kyle made.  It was all recycled wood from some old cabinets we scored from a house down the road.  I'm hoping to be able to get it primed with some BIN primer today- good stuff to keep the stain from seeping through later.

Mom and Anders are stopping over later this morning.  Anders hasn't seen the recent 'updates' to the house as he's been on his ship for the past few months.  After the tour we'll be heading over to the Bees Knees in Morrisville for some tasty local food and perhaps a beer.

Its been a crazy week followed by a relatively lazy weekend.  But the prospect for Spring has my spirits up.  I know we've just hit our January thaw and I'm sure we've got plenty of cold, snowy days ahead, but its nice to have a little taste of mild temperatures to come.

Oh and those grape vines I mentioned before- one has actually started growing its leaves.  I'm not sure if thats really a great thing, since grapes are supposed to be sleeping now, but the new growth is exciting.  Also, Kyle's Christmas Cactus that I almost killed, then nursed back to health, has finally decided to bloom!  We've got some bright pink flowers in the works and I'm pretty sure any day now they'll open.  I love Spring, even when its just in my head.