In February of 2009, my husband and I bought our first home located on a few acres in Johnson, Vermont. We live here with our dog, Ollie, two cats: Elvis and Atticus, six Nigerian Dwarf goats: May, Chutney, Poppy, Juniper, Willow, and Jokers Wild, and about fifteen laying hens. And to top it all off we welcomed our daughter, Isabel, into the world on January 11th, 2011.

We're slowly updating our 1850's farmhouse while steadily working towards a healthy, meaningful, self-sufficient life together.

This blog details our endeavors along with our successes and failures- all in good fun. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!


May and I enjoying some sunshine


Whats the buzz? Bzzz bzzzz bzzzzzzz

Lovingly Posted by Melissa Friday, February 19, 2010


So I sent in my deposit for my 3# package of bees today; they'll be ready for pickup in early April.  I can't wait!  All I need to do now is finish painting the outside of the hive and we'll be all set to get started.

Just the thought of fresh honey makes me crave a cup of tea...or an english muffin...some plain yogurt...or fried chicken.  Ok, stopping before I get too hungry here.  But this is one more step to get us to our self-sustaining goal.  And perhaps eventually we'll be able to sell honey from the house along with the eggs (and maybe even some pork)- added income is always welcome.

You can be sure, once these girls arrive, there will be plenty of pictures of yours-truly posted showing the newbie 'installing' the bees into their hive.  It'll be great, and I'm sure we'll all be in for a good laugh.

picture borrowed from Endangered Bees


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I've read up on beekeeping because I love the idea of fresh honey and beeswax for candles, but I'm such a chicken when it comes to the potential for getting stung. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on being a novice beekeeper. Good luck to you! =)

  3. Melissa Says:
  4. I know how you feel, DA! I'm definitely not looking forward to the whole 'stinger' thing...but I've heard if you're careful you won't get stung (as much). ;)

    Thanks for stopping over! Always nice to see some new faces! :)


  5. Jennifer Says:
  6. Dude I am totally siked for you! We are getting our's through our local beekeeper who orders them. We're gonna get two! AHHHH!! I am totally excited and can't wait! Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!

  7. Melissa Says:
  8. Hey EcoLife! Nice to see your smiling faces, again.
    I am TOTALLY excited, too!! Ours are coming from a local beekeeper who orders a bunch as well. :) I wish we had splurged on two sets as you guys are doing- I hear that is a GREAT way to go!!
    I can't wait to see your home-made hive. Have you gotten started on it yet? Spring is coming!! :)